Quality Policy

Quality Policy

COSMOS CONSULTING SA policy is to provide services in areas such as Development Programs, Management Systems, Human Recourses, Training, Specialized Services to Local Authorities, Strategic Planning and Business Analysis to meet the laws and regulations provisions and the expected and stated requirements of its customers and to shape the constantly rising and successful course of business .

Our objective and ambition is to continuously improve the performance of our services, our customers' satisfaction, the awareness of environmental protection, safety and health of our employees , the protection of the information that we manage and the observance of ethical standards, processes that are acheived through the implementation of the Quality Management System, Environmental, Health & Safety and Information Security System.

In 2006 the Management of COSMOS CONSULTING SA, in order to support the success of these objectives and to concretely demonstrate its commitment to quality, has decided to implement a Quality Management System conforming to the worldwide accepted standard of Quality Management System ISO 9001. In early 2008 the Management decided the implementation of the Health & Safety System according to OHSAS 18001. In early 2009 the Environmental Management System application was decided in accordance with ISO 14001 and in 2010 it was decided to implement an Information Security Management System ISO 27001.

The Management System is one of the control factors that allows us to improve our productivity, our efficiency and increase our sales through a modern working environment .

Within the framework of the Environmental Policy we take actions in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources, protect the environment from pollution and contribute to energy savings. The reduction of risks at work, improvement of working conditions and reduction of accidents , are Company's Health and Safety Policy .

In order to function properly the Quality Management System, Environmental, Health & Safety and Information Security System, the participation of all staff and partners is essential. For effective participation good knowledge of the system and commitment to achieve the goals is required. Therefore, our staff must have a thorough knowledge of both our documented system and the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 27001 and must contribute to seamless operation, improvement and achievement of customer-oriented objective.

Information on the quality of information security and protection of the environment is important for personal development of the employees / collaborators and vital for the development of the Company.

Therefore we believe that educating and motivating employees and partners will lead the Company to achieve high goals.