Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a clear set of standards for our business conduct . It provides the moral and behavioral framework on which we base our decisions daily . The Code is based in our values and beliefs and supports all of them.

Our Code of Conduct provides a set of guiding principles grouped into five categories that cover the breadth of our business and they are:

1 ) Intra-company communication

2 ) Cooperation with customers

3 ) act with professional integrity

4 ) Confidentiality

5 ) Maintaining our objectivity and independence

The consultants and experts involved in COSMOS CONSULTING SA, work professionally within the existing legal and social context. They accept that their participation in the COSMOS Consulting involves greater responsibilities than those related to their technological skills. They comply with ethical rules of conduct that honors them as professionals. They constantly seek to upgrade the level of excellence of the produced deliverables. It is not allowed to use their technical skills and competences in a dishonest manner that will discredit them as professionals as well as  the company they are employed.