Human Resources

Human Resources





Specialized consultants of our company provide comprehensive recruiting services designed specifically for each customer, through a series of actions, taking care to ensure the most appropriate candidate for each job. The selection is based on:

  • Data bank
  • Evaluation test
  • special questionnaires
  • interviews



COSMOS CONSULTING, through a comprehensive set of modern in-house - educational programs, covers vocational education and training in the following areas: 

"Our vision is to highlight our best"


The role of education in the modern world actually become more than important. The vast majority of companies worldwide consider man to be their most valuable asset, known now 5th p. It is common opinion the fact that the most secure way for better quality, highly professional image, and more earnings are education, which according to Socrates is like fertile land, because it always brings wealth.
The executives of all modern business disciplines are invited to handle very fast, hectic and demanding pace with two main objectives: i) the fullest possible satisfaction of customer needs, and ii) a stable and long-term profit for the company. To fulfill their difficult role and to achieve the above two objectives, should make the maximum of their potential, improve their weak points, and acquire new knowledge by watching the rapid developments in sectors such as IT, management , marketing, and communication.

As part of the general philosophy of COSMOS, which is reflected in the provision of integrated services for the sole purpose of supporting the business world ( "Supporting the Business World"), we offer the most modern and quality educational programs, aiming to meet your own specific needs. Through the long experience of our executives and creating a climate of confidence we are able both to detect the strengths and weaknesses of each business-organization, and to create in cooperation with them an educational program fully adapted to their needs and suggestions.

All executives of COSMOS is at your disposal at anytime to inform you and help you, suggesting solutions solely for your benefit and profit. We look forward to work with you!


Topics of Seminars


Methods of Effective Communication - Team Building, Partnership, Confidence
Effective Negotiation Techniques
Techniques for Improving Verbal Communication  
Technical Improvement Non Verbal Communication (Body Language)  
Presentation Skills Professional Level  
Image Making  
Develop Personal Skills
Effective Personal Time Management  
Effective Personal Stress Management  
Developing Public Speaking Skills  
Written Communication and Occupational Pension Technical Texts  
Effective Organization and Implement Business Meetings - Business Meetings  
Methods to Achieve Personal Growth and Professional Success  
Delineation and Description of Work Ethics  
The Role of Emotional Intelligence to Life and the Workplace  
Modern Methods of Public Relations Companies  


Basic Principles of Human Resource Management (HRM)  
Effective Secretariat and office organization

Description, Analysis And Evaluation Staff Positions
Anthropocentric executives development  
Green HR  
Selection and Evaluation of Personnel Performance  
Employee Motivation and Reward Schemes  
Working behavior analysis  
Essential Qualifications and Skills Development Secretarial Support  
File Organization, Folder Management, and Compliance Protocol  
Basic Business Interview Principles for Staffing  
Effective Techniques and Methods Editing Professional Resume  


Design and Recording Effective Strategic Business Plan  
Leadership - Principles of Effective Leadership
Crew management
Crisis Management
Effective Time Management and Stress
Risk management  
Production Management for executives
Secrets for effective negotiations  
BUDGET as a management tool
Change management
Self Management  
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management  
Methods for Decision Making  
Innovation Management and Small Business Innovation and Change  
Project Management  
Desk warehouse and inventory management
Queuing Management and Service Times - Redefining Resources by Using Program SIMUL8  
Feedback and Control by the Modern Manager by Using the Method of Balanced Scorecard  
Effective Organization and Office Management Tools  
Corporate Knowledge Management  
Employment insurance arrangements


Basic Principles of Modern Marketing
Preparation and analysis of marketing plan
Marketing for non marketers  
Marketing and Promotion Services  
Retail Marketing  
Consumer Marketing  
Product life cycle And The Marketing Plan
Banking Marketing development  
International and Export Marketing  
Sales Promotion with Direct Marketing  
Design and Implement CRM Systems  
The Role of Advertising in Modern Marketing  
Market Research, Preparation, Conduct and Analysis of Results
Marketing in Industrial Market - Marketing Industry  
Public relations  
COLOURS: The Use of Color in Marketing and Psychology  


Modern Sales Techniques
Basic Principles of Detecting the Needs of Your Customers  
Telephone Communication and Customer Service
Sales in times of crisis  
ADVANCED NEGOTIATION SKILLS AND PRACTICES : Becoming effective in negotiations
Coaching of salesman
Effective communication methods
The Effective Vendor in B2b Environment
Telephone sales
Methods and Response Handling Objections and Complaints Against the Sale  
Agreement Acheivement and After Sales  
Coaching champions  
Emotional Intelligence
Management and Supervision of Sales Department  
Strategies for Personal Sales Increase for Contemporary Seller  
Recruitment of Sales Department  
Public relations
Economics for Sales Executives
Organization and Management of Retail Branch
Sales Promotion in Abroad
Sales Management
Motivation and Incitement of Salesmen  
Key Account Management
Description and Explanation of the Concept of the Product Life Cycle (PLC)  
General Principles of Merchandising  
Organization and Development of Franchise Network  
Legal issues in sales  


Finance for Non Economic
Financial Planning of the Company
Costing and Pricing Products and Services  
Cost Accounting in the General Accounting Plan  
Basic Principles of Operation and Monitoring of Treasury Department  
Editing Economic Research and Proposals  
Bookkeeping according with International Accounting Standards  
The Modern Fiscal Reality for Business  
Budget and Cash Flow
Description and Analysis of the Basic Principles of the Code of Books and Records  
Records Closing Operations and Balance Sheet Editors
Supervision, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Financial Flows  
Analysis of Financial Indicators  
Short Term Cash Planning  
Modern Business Financing Methods  
The Credit Policy, the credit limit, and the Credit Control in Modern Greek Business  
Financial Analysis of the Effect of Stock  
Evaluation Methods of Investment Programs  


Basic Security Principles and Food Hygiene  
Basic Security Principles and Food Hygiene II  
Principles, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 22000: 2005 - Food Safety Management System  
Principles, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 27001: 2005 - Information Security Management System  
Principles, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 15189: 2007 - Quality System for Clinical Laboratory   
AccreditationPrinciples, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 17025: 2005 - Quality System for Laboratory Accreditation Testing and Calibration  
Principles, Implementation, and Compliance with OHSAS 18001 and ELOT 1801: 2002 - Health Systems and Safety  
Safety of Accidents at Home, on the Road, to school, to travel by car and bus  
Principles, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 9001: 2000 - Quality Management System  
Principles, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 14001: 2004 - Environmental Management System  


Training security staff in communication and effective customer management  
Crisis management for security staff   
Fire safety and fire protection seminar  
Special maritime safety in accordance with the ISPS Code
First aid Issues