Human Resources

Human Resources

...where high academic education meets the expertise and experience in executive level .

Leading scientists - researchers, our  executives are divided into specialized permanent partners, who are accompanied by a remarkable number of external consultants.



Our executives are: 

* Economists

* Chemical engineers 

* Mechanical engineers 

* Food technologists 


Most of them are graduates of Higher Educational Institutions of Greece and abroad, with extensive experience in the areas of services provided by the company. In addition, the company works according to the requirements of the projects undertaken by permanent specialized external partners cover complementary areas of expertise, such as education - training of staff,development programs etc.


The company also offers a complete legal, tax consulting and IT coverage through permanent cooperation with professionals who specialize in these areas .


Diversity , accumulated experience and excellent know-how in a whole ensure intra-company harmony through the application of modern management and information systems, while guaranteeing the success of projects and fulfillment of the needs of our customers.